About The Passap E 6000

I have been knitting on the Passap E 6000 for years. It is just the most fun creative thing to do. I have gathered some resources for you to help you increase your experience with thisĀ  knitting machine.

The Passap knitting machine, regardless of the kind you have is an amazing advancement in the machine knitting world. The patterns and combinations of stitch patterns is extensive and all of the choices are ones that at some point in your machine knitting career you want to try. That is what makes this machine so much fun to use.

The Passap E 6000 knits precisely what you tell it to, perfectly with the unique dialog computer which communicates with you. What is important is that you learn to speak Passap so you can communicate with the console. Since it is very precise, there is a learning curve to get comfortable with the programming of the console so you get the exact result you want.

The learning curve is a bit steep, but certainly doable so I want to encourage you to stay with it until you get to the breakthrough moments and gain the confidence to know you can tackle this marvelous machine.

And there is nothing like the thrill of getting everything entered correctly and the console saying it is ready for you to begin. That is an awesome accomplishment.



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